Economists like Nicholas Nassim Taleb, Philanthropists like Bill Gates and even the Director General of WHO Tedros Adhanom have been warning us that a Pandemic is inevitable and one of the gravest threat mankind could face at any given moment. Yet the world responded by cutting down funding for epidemic and infectious diseases prevention programs consistently in the last decade.

Covid 19 is a reminder the world will never be free of deadly pandemics. But how do we ensure that humans not pathogens remain in control?

This is where TriageDX comes in. TriageDX combines rapid testing, rapid response, mobility, an AI powered diagnostics platform in a secure HIPAA compliant cloud, and products for each stage of the pandemic cycle for a cost-effective 360 degrees solution to address pandemics across countries.

Scientific and evidence based sourcing is at the heart of our supply chain prowess where our certified products are all tested and assured of efficacy and sensitivity. Our app and platforms are extremely mindful of security and privacy. We do not track any personal information and our data flow is all encrypted.

Our Team

Tashfeen Qayyum

Chief Executive Officer

Career entrepreneur with several exits and global supply chain expert

Sohail Ikram


Experienced CFO most recently with USD .5B Arab Drilling Co.

Khurram Hamid


Ex Digital Lead Gillette, P&G, GSK and Pfizer

Salman Ravala

Legal Adviser

Global Litigator, Arbitrator, and Mediator

David Paterson


Former New York Governor

Dr Ayesh Ali

Medical Advisor

Medical practitioner with dedicated research in medical technology especially testing