You can’t fight an enemy
you can’t see

A powerful pandemic management system that gives
Leaders data to make smarter decisions faster

Solutions for the new normal

TriageDX combines rapid testing, rapid response, mobility and an AI powered diagnostics platform in a secure cloud for a cost effective full spectrum solution to address the Covid 19 epidemic:

  • Dramatically scaled rapid testing using cost effective and sensitive Rapid Serology Test.
  • Patients take test and use a smartphone camera to scan it using the TriageDX App.
  • If the test result is positive a healthcare worker from a TriageDX approved lab arrives with a mobile lab which uses a highly sensitive gold standard mobile PCR test.
  • If the positive test is confirmed a crew from a qualified service provider will come and disinfect the house to eliminate any possible viral loads.
  • All test data goes to the TriageDX cognitive cloud platform where it’s visualized with analytics allowing leaders to make right decisions fast and get ahead of the pandemic.

TriageDX cognitive platform

Combines our first party testing data, with second party and third party data to generate powerful insights.

Real time visualizations and analysis

Customizable visual layouts to guide data analysis. Predictive analytics and advanced alerts help you stay ahead of infection spread.

Secure encrypted cloud

Transmitted data to the cloud is encrypted. Cloud is HIPAA compliant.

TriageDX mobile app

Supports Rapid Serology Test for various infectious diseases including Covid 19.

Every smartphone is now a lab

All you need is a Smartphone camera and the TriageDX app does the rest by scanning the test.

Location information data

Every time a test is scanned location information critical to understanding virus spread is transmitted to the TraigeDX cognitive cloud.

We don't track your personal phone data

Test Kits & Diagnostic Systems

We own the supply chain for the three types of testing kits the TriageDX Sentinel Surveillance System uses

Respond to the virus
not to your limitations

We help the towns, the cities, the States and the Federal Government with a robust pandemic management program that finds, isolates, tests, quarantines and maps Covid 19 cases. Leaders can break the chains of transmission in the area of their constituents and start getting ahead of the virus.

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